Sunday, May 27, 2007

All about (S)mi

One of my favorite bloggers has tagged me! To list eight little known things about myself. And ofcourse, the license of having one little lie 'camouflaged' in the list for the readers to identify, comes with the package.

So here we go..

1. I have a couple of "bunny teeth" that is in all probability the first thing you'd notice if you met me. My mom and other "concerned" family members tried all they could to get me to wear braces, in the fear of not being able to find suitors!!
Well, nothing came of that. And the irony? G thinks they are adorable!:)

2. There's a max lapse of 10 seconds between the plopping of my head on a pillow and deep slumber. I can sleep at the drop of a hat and not be awakened even with the loudest of noises.
A few years ago, there was a fire in a building hardly 100 metres away from home, at 2 am and apparently there were fire engines, loud sirens et al for a good couple of hours before the fire was finally extinguished. No wonder my neighbour couldn't stop rolling his eyes when he heard my response to the story that kept the entire locality awake through the night - "Really?"

3.I am a neurotic hypochondriac. I've spent many a sleepless nights worrying if my nagging headache is brain tumor only to be told by the doc later that all I need to do about it is to reduce the brightness of my monitor! Or wondering if I'd have a tetanus attack just 'coz I fell from a couple of stairs and ended up with a hardly visible bruise and having the doc laugh out loud on my face when I tell him why I'm asking for an anti-tetanus vaccine.

4.I never leave home without my Asthalin inhaler. I swear, that amazing little invention is the best thing to have happened to all asthmatics of the world. And just to clarify, there’s absolutely no connection between this and the previous point! :-P

5.I got drunk on red wine(!) once and confessed to G, my co-worker at the time, that I had a crush on him. That, was the first and last time I tasted alcohol.

6.I’ve attended five different schools, all in Bangalore, through ten years of my schooling.
A couple of those were real crappy and had teachers from those very schools summoning mom to advise her to get her "kid with so much potential" out of there asap!

7.I have a knack for making really really really soft chapatis ( a tortilla like bread) . My husband can never have enough of those.

8.When I was 15 years old, I’d punched a guy in the nose, when he’d tried to slip his hand under my shirt in a crowded bus. By the time I was 19, the number of ill-fated noses had climbed to about 10.

9.I bought a 3-bedroom apartment in a swanky locality in Bangalore when I was 23 years old.

Hmm..I'm starting to think the "lie-detection" job isn't really going to be too hard. Or is it?

The rule is to tag eight more people. But then when the total number of bloggers you are familiar with, on the blogosphere is about that same number, and half of them have already done this, two shouldn't sound like too bad a number eh?

So, Shyam and Accidental Diva..Go for it!:)


Anu said...

2 sounds like me and unlike you. But 8 is so unlike you too. Can't decide which one is false.
Never heard of 7, but I think it'll pass.

Just a grail said...

I am going to guess two, because I hope 8 is true! :-)

Pixie said...

I'm thinking #9...
But, if that's true - I am your fan! Can I have your autograph please?!! :)

Pixie said...

BTW - I had tagged you too for the same thing!! :)
I really hope #8 is true...

PizzaDude said...

You got drunk on red wine ? That sounds unrealistic. Unless you had like a full bottle of it.
So.... #5 ?

Priyanka Sarkar said...

i happened to spot ur blog by chance.....
n im so pleased i did.....
havent read a tag more appealing than urs:)
i shall visit this site often henceforth!!:)

accidental diva said...

I think no 8 is a lie...though I hope its true.
n ofcourse if no.9 is true...i'm totally in awe of u!!!u go gal:):)

Priyanka Sarkar said...

hope u dont mind me blogrolling u!!:)

Orchid said...

Hey..i don't think anything is untrue...they all sound very plausible!....and i need to know your secret for the soft chapathis if that is true!

Anonymous said...

Hate letting it out.. But according to G -
7 : Definitely not true. Look elsewhere for the recipe. We used to survive on 'packed' tortillas from Cubfoods.
8 : This is something I am reaaaly glad about

I may be wrong and... ready for the whats to follow if I am ....

Smi said...

Alright guys..Good try!
Truth be told, I'm not really a bad cook, but chapatis? Well..Err..let's just say its just not my forte!:)

U never heard of 7 'coz that never happened. Never.

I can sleep thru earthquakes. And real easily too! I once fell asleep in my seat while filling up an immigration form aboard a flight to Thailand. And finally, my husband had to fill 'em up for me!:))

What was initiated as a tax saving measure ended up as a wise real estate move! Of course, my bank loaned me most of the amount, but my name sure shows up on the apartment owners listed in the apartment lobby!:)

When its your first time, and you downed glass after glass in an empty stomach, I sure think there's a pretty good chance u'd end up sloshed, what say?:)

Thanks so much for visiting!And I am glad you enjoyed reading. Hope to see you around!

I was kinda (in)famous with the junta that travelled via the 60A bus that plied between Jayanagar 9th block and Vijayanagar for creating a ruckus over the ladies' seats occupied by males or for punching those sickos!

The underlying point of the trick is to make a lie sound plausible!:)
And sorry about the recipe, I'm the last person in the universe who could help you with that.
But I've heard my MIL say that kneading the dough with warm water and a little milk makes 'em softer.

Smi said...

Wife is responsible for many a punched noses and really bad stamped-upon feet of members of 60A Sicko Union.
Go ahead. Be proud.